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Batman #22

by Batmanaruto on May 03, 2017

Writer: Joshua Williamson
Artist: Jason Fabok
Colourist: Brad Anderson
Publisher: DC Comics

With this crossover, I really criticized it because I felt that Batman and Flash didn’t really seem to work together all that much and that there was little advancement being done in terms of story. Well Joshua Williamson and Tom King literally made me do a 180 on this issue. The art by Jason Fabok as expected continues to be amazing.
Basically, Batman and Flash have gone to the Flashpoint Universe and they meet Thomas Wayne. For some reason that we are not really told the Amazons and Atlanteans are hunting down Thomas Wayne but this is pretty unimportant to the plot. The situation is framed as a talk between Bruce and Thomas and Flash rebuilds the cosmic treadmill. The conversation between Batman and Thomas Wayne was so choked full of emotion. Even if someone hadn’t read Flashpoint or wasn’t familiar with it, I still feel you understand the emotion that they conveyed in that scene, especially as Batman mentions Damian. I so desperately wanted Thomas Wayne to come back into the normal DC Universe.
The other half of the issue is Barry and Bruce escaping on the Cosmic Treadmill and as they are travelling they meet Eobard Thawne before he was killed. So this must mean that Bruce and Barry may finally meet Dr Manhatten, especially since it seemed like he wanted to destroy them with the Flashpoint Universe that he destroyed.
In conclusion, this crossover is really picking up steam and I cannot wait for it to end, in a good way. In my last review, I was really hoping that I the last two issues would pick up and issue 3 definitely did. Now we are down to the final issue which was unfortunately delayed but that only builds up the anticipation.

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