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Injustice 2 #4

by Batmanaruto on May 02, 2017

Writer: Tom Taylor
Artist: Bruno Redondo
Colourist: Rex Lokus
Publisher: DC Comics

With this issue, I would really sum it up with two points, firstly tying up loose ends and secondly setting up the board. With a series like Injustice it has both a game and a really good comic book, which is unusually rare to have both, so with Injustice 2 you really have to wonder how the series will progress. It’s really easy for Tom Taylor to just basically re-do what he did in the first series. This issue shows us something really different.
One side note of this issue is we get Black Canary and Green Arrow get engaged. Although this is a small point, it is also a really humorous scene especially as Green Arrow doesn’t really want to be proposed to in front of Batman and Connor’s reaction to them getting married. We also get a bit of a backstory as to how the other earth’s Green Arrow is different to the one we know and what role he would be playing on this earth. It’s also really cool to see how Batgirl has grown up and is now like Batman’s second in command.
In this issue, we get Lex Luthor sending Batman a message from the grave, and in this message he is telling Batman some people he would need to help rebuild the world after Superman’s defeat. This is effectively Tom Taylor setting up Batman’s allies as he only had a few, and now much less since Harley Quinn was captured, this most likely is how Firestorm and Blue Beetle (Jamie Reyes) come into play.
In the last few issues we had this group of villains that was being assembled from Amanda’s Waller’s Suicide Squad. As best as I can tell this is most likely going to be Grodd’s Soceity and I believe Grodd is probably the leader of this group of villains, however he may take over the current leader somehow.
How this issue ends is with Superman escaping. It is great to see Dan Turpin is the warden of the prison, as I always love it when he shows up. Somehow the prison is losing power and we don’t know who did it. This is lastly how Tom Taylor sets up the last side.
This issue is another great issue, and by now we shouldn’t even be surprised. Tom Taylor and artist Bruno Redondo, set up the world of Injustice in both a believable but spectacular way. 

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