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Injustice 2 #3

by Batmanaruto on April 25, 2017

Writer: Tom Taylor
Artist: Bruno Redondo
Colourist: Rex Lokus

This was still a strong issue, however I would have to say that not much happened in terms of progression of story. Tom Taylor does slightly add a bit to the mystery and also addresses some questions/concerns of the reader. Overall I still highly recommend this issue.
When I first saw the Suicide Squad, they looked cool but two problems I found, was how can a lot of these members be useful and the size of the Squad. Taylor basically uses the first half of the issue to answer this in a scene that is menacing, heartbreaking, and ruthless. He kills off all the useless characters and you then have his official Suicide Squad.
He also addresses the fact that the Batman that came in to kill Amanda Waller is not the same one we have seen in the Injustice world.  Although most people would be able to tell this, it was clever to address this as we know that many Injustice characters have crossed the line in terms of their own morality, so it would actually make sense for it to possibly be Batman.
I have two theories as to who the character could be. My first is Reverse Flash since he gives off red lightning when he moves and we know that Reverse Flash has some role in the Injustice 2 video game. He also mentions that he is working for someone, which could possibly be Gorilla Grodd. My other theory is possibly Jason Todd back from the dead, but that seems a bit too obvious.
In my opinion I would say that it is a weaker issue than the first 2 issues, but definitely nowhere near a bad issue. The series so far is still as interesting as the first series and after the current ending I’m wondering where the book will move to next.

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