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Deathstroke #17

by Batmanaruto on April 19, 2017

Writer: Christopher Priest
Artist: Joe Bennett
Colourist: Jeromy Cox
Publisher: DC Comics

Priest’s Deathstroke is so good and definetly one of the best books coming out of DC Rebirth. I love Priest’s writing so much, because of the fact he simultaneously explains and confuses the reader. He adds a bit to the mystery of what is going on, whilst explains previous mysteries that were brought up. It is really an interwoven story that would read great in the form of a trade and even greater as an Omnibus.
The character of Deathstroke is a really cool character. Deathstroke is one of the few characters that whenever he is written, it rarely seems like he is captured or loses to the hero, but instead has contingency plan built on contingency plan, a great example of this is in Injustice where he knows he will be captured so already has the plan to photocopy the blueprints for a Motherbox and sends it over to Lex and Batman. The character is also written as cocky and definitely comes off as an asshole a lot of the times. That nature of his is really what makes the character enjoyable in any medium, especially the cocky nature.
Priest flips this idea on it’s head completely. He changes it from Deathstroke just being this asshole of a guy and makes him tragic. He puts a hit out on his daughter, not because he wants her dead, but because he wants to spend time with her. Even in this issue we get a really emotional moment where he kills the dog, and it’s not just to seem like a jerk but instead to make Power Girl hate him. It actually adds a completely new and interesting layer to the character, as he finds it hard to express himself.
There is also the part in this issue where Wintergreen is talking to Rose and saying that Deathstroke needs people around him, literally so he doesn’t feel alone. It allows the reader to sympathize a lot more with the character. I also like how Priest isn’t writing this as just a Deathstroke book but also gives his supporting characters really interesting arcs themselves, as opposed to just playing second fiddle to Deathstroke. It is not too dissimilar to a soap opera.
In conclusion, just pick this book up. Go from issue 1 and catch up, so you don’t feel lost. It is a really great saga for the character and I think will be one of the most highly praised runs, not only for the character, but for comics as well.

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