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Superman #21

by Batmanaruto on April 19, 2017

Writer: Peter J. Tomasi and Patrick Gleeson
Artist: Patrick Gleeson
Colourist: John Kalisz and Hi-Fi
Publisher: DC Comics

Superman continues to be AMAZING. I’m not really a huge Superman fan, my dad is, but I’m not. I always thought the character was a cool idea but I preferred Batman. If you had told me this time last year that I would be reading a Superman book and enjoying it as much as I am, and it would be one of my most anticipated books to read every two weeks, I would have thought you hit your head too hard.
I already wrote about the great interaction between Jon and Damian in my Supersons #3 review, so if you’re interested I would recommend you check it out. I feel exactly the same way I felt in that review that I felt here. The interaction is just really fun and the banter is great to read. One thing, among many that I feel that Tomasi and Gleeson have done well is that they have given Damian a friend. They have also developed the Batman and Superman relationship and extended it to their kids. It has been done so well I can literally imagine Batman asking Damian if he wants to go and visit Superman with him.
The overall issue basically adds a bit more mystery to the Cobb family, but also sets this aside to address the mind-controlled animals’ mystery as well. Particularly it is interesting to see how different the Batman and Robin dynamic is, to the Superman and Superboy. Jon listens to what his father tells him to do and that is their method of rescuing people whilst Damian is a lot more independent to his father, so it is interesting to see how Damian seems to be rubbing off on Jon.
 It also kind of creates a divide between Batman and Superman fans, as to which character and their method is better, especially as Jon does seem to side a bit more with Batman. From the perspective of Superman it is as if Batman is replacing him as, the person his child looks up to. This is definitely a really new theme and I hope it gets discovered a bit more.
In conclusion, this issue is a great issue in a long line of great issues. There is still a lot of the mystery aspect that I have left out, so you can pick it up. If you are someone who is not necessarily a Superman fan, this series will definitely make you into one. I would recommend starting all the way from the first issue and catching up, as the series really highlights the great aspects of the character of Superman. 

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