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Flash #20

by Batmanaruto on April 12, 2017

Writer: Joshua Williamson
Artist: Neil Googe
Colourist: Ivan Plascencia
Publisher: DC Comics

I really thought that this issue would be some form of a set-up for The Button arc, but unfortunately it isn’t. However that doesn’t mean that it is not a strong issue. I’ve really been enjoying this run on Flash and would definitely say it is one of my top 10 rebirth books currently.
The element of the Black Hole is one that has been lurking in the background since the start of Joshua Williamson’s run. The have had small elements to cause conflict for Barry but nothing really wholesome till this issue, where they do feel like a real threat, especially at the end.
In my Titans review I mentioned how I would love there to be a more social aspect to the book and this book definitely nails this. Whether it’s with Wally and Barry in the previous issue, or Barry and Iris in this issue. It’s not a definite reason why Barry lied, but I do believe it was that to do Flash-related things. It’s always cool when comics focus on secondary character, especially the love interests of the main characters, like Action Comics did with Lois, and both issues were really interesting.
In conclusion, although it doesn’t set up The Button I would say it definitely sets up Barry finally telling Iris who he really is, and can kinda set things to be a bit more in line with the pre-flashpoint universe, where the Flash family were a lot closer together. Having said this it was still a really great issue.

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