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Titans #10

by Batmanaruto on April 12, 2017

Writer: Dan Abnett
Artist: Brett Booth
Colourist: Andrew Dalhouse
Publisher: DC Comics

I know a lot of people have really been enjoying Titans, but for me this book seems really week. The first story arc had some high points and some low points but overall felt kinda weak and I have to say that this is the same with this arc. I would honestly be looking more for something akin to Teen Titans, where there are social and more fun issues.
I would say this issue is definitely one of the high points of the story arc. After the Titans are defeated by the Fearsome Five, you do wonder how they would get out of it. This issue focuses on Bumblebee and how she has to take on the Fearsome Five by herself. We are for the first time given an exhibit of what this character can really do. It seems that she has super speed, which is different to what the character had before, also shoots some form of energy blasts, and obviously can also shrink as well. This is a huge change from the character originally who used to use a suit and had no metahuman powers herself.
Having said that I really wanted the book to focus on a more social aspect the end of this issue implies that they could really be building Bumblebee’s relationship with the Titans and re-building it with Mal. It also sets us the next arc of the Lazarus Contract as Deathstroke tries to bring his son, Grant, back from the dead and Hive is involved, just like the original Judas Contract.
In conclusion, I would say this is a satisfying conclusion to an alright arc. I’m really enjoying Abnett’s Aquaman, so it’s a shame that this book doesn’t feel as strong as Aquaman. Hopefully after the Lazarus Contract the book only gets stronger.

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