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Injustice 2 #1

by Batmanaruto on April 11, 2017

Writer: Tom Taylor
Artist: Bruno Redondo
Colourist: Rex Lokus
Publisher: DC Comics

We are finally underway with Injustice 2 Year One and I’m so excited. This is the prequel series for the game, and the original prequel series was in my opinion one of the best ongoing series and the best video game-related comic book. It was written by Tom Taylor for 3 years and then Brian Buccellato for 2 years, and now Tom Taylor returns. Both writers did a really great job on this series and I expect that as Tom Taylor continues he will live up to or even exceed the original saga.
This issue kicks off after the events from the main game where Batman’s side had finally defeated Superman’s side. In this issue we get the question almost everybody has been wondering since the second game came out, and that is what now? The superheroes have fought, many of them have died and there has been a somewhat destruction of normal society under Superman. A lot of systems put in place have been ruined by Superman and now Batman must rebuild. The example of how intervention can ruin systems is particularly topical in today’s society.
The conversation between these two is really interesting because Superman identifies a key flaw in the character of Batman, in the fact that he is a control freak. He is used to everything going his way, but as Superman rightly points out he usually has his Robins or Alfred to make sure he doesn’t go too far. This asks a really interesting question of how different are Batman and Superman really. The dialogue is written really well here as although Superman comes across as mean, you do really get the sense of a guy who thinks he is doing the right thing.
The second half of the comic focuses on Harley Quinn. Taylor continues to make you fall in love with how fun the character really is, for example how she interacts with Batman. In the game it was revealed that Grodd basically controls Deadshot by controlling the bomb in his brains, using Amanda Waller’s original bomb, but in the team image Captain Cold is shown so that might apply to him too. So since this is a prequel we get our first look at the Suicide Squad. One major difference between the current DC timeline and this one is that Harley seems to have no prior history to the Suicide Squad, which is a new direction as it’s almost as if Tom Taylor is writing his own Suicide Squad book.
In conclusion Injustice 2 Year One is definitely off to a solid start. In previous years we have had a themed years such as Magic or gods and this year it seems to be the Suicide Squad which is definitely different. My only real complaint is that the issue isn’t longer as I am really interested in how things will progress.

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