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Batman #20

by Batmanaruto on April 05, 2017

Writer: Tom King
Artist: David Finch
Colourist: Jordie Bellaire
Publisher: DC Comics

This is the final issue of Tom King’s 3 arc epic, before the Button. These three arcs have had their ups and downs. I personally really enjoyed the I am Gotham arc, even though a lot of people just thought it was alright. I enjoyed it as Tom King introduced these 2 new characters and took them in different and interesting directions that I wasn’t expecting, such as, how their lifeforce was linked to their powers, how they wanted to work with Batman not usurp him and much more. The second arc, I am Suicide, I personally feel no one enjoyed. The idea of Batman’s own Suicide Squad was such an interesting concept, but I would say felt ultimately wasted. Now we get onto the current arc, which has been the greatest so far. King has shown true respect to the character of Bane, in one of the greatest arcs of this character of all time in my opinion. The issues have just continuously got stronger and even to some extent redeems I am Suicide.
This issue was perfect. As mentioned before King shows true respect to the character of Bane. He basically makes Batman and Bane two sides of the same coin and this arc heavily used this theme.
One huge problem people had with I am Suicide was the fact that King used thought bubbles so much, and many would say overused, however here it is managed quite well. A mystery character basically tracks back from the first arc. To anyone that was kinda confused about why Tom King wrote a character in a particular way, this character explains it to you, allowing us to know King’s thought processes and it is interesting to see. I would even go as far to say that is elevates all of the previous issues.
With all these Batman books talking about how Bruce tried killing himself or is trying to kill himself, the ending is really satisfying as it does seem to finally move away from that idea, which is good, since I really wasn’t a fan of that angle. We also get a pretty cool reveal of Batman's full name.
In conclusion this issue is a perfect conclusion to the 3 arc epic, before the Button, and I would definitely without a doubt recommend this series highly. It has its ups and downs, but what book doesn’t, and right now provides a really new and interesting take and run on Batman. Many people wondered if Tom King would be able to write to the same or a similar standard as Scott Snyder, but with this issue I felt he really stepped out of his shadow to prove to readers why he is writing Batman.

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