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Mera: Queen Of Atlantis #1

by Batmanaruto on February 28, 2018

Writer: Dan Abnett
Artist: Lan Medina and Richard Friend
Colorist: Vero Gandini
Publisher: DC Comics

In the current Aquaman series, Aquaman has been removed as the king of Atlantis and is now fighting back against the current king, King Rath. In Aquaman #33 we saw it end with Mera being carried up to the surface world and also being appointed the next ruler of Atlantis after Rath is finally dethroned.
This issue is really enjoyable, but since it is the first issue of a new miniseries, Abnett treats the reader as if they are not familiar with the character of Mera or reading the current Aquaman series. For someone who is reading it, it is a lot of recap of things that are already familiar, but I understand why this is necessary. Even though the issue mainly recaps previous events, there are few new concepts that are set up.
We find out that Orm has a family and has now adopted a life on the surface world. This is really interesting as it is a change for the character. In the New 52 the character always came across as misunderstood and very loyal to Atlantis, so it is good to see him in a more stable and open-minded position. As great as this is, the end of the issue sets up that he must become Ocean Master again, but we don’t really know why he has to.
Dan Abnett has been killing it on Aquaman lately so I’m confident that this miniseries will be really good. He has been writing Mera, who is one of my favorite female characters, really well and she definitely adds to the series. Although the issue is mostly recap and set up, the art is beautiful and the story seems to just be beginning. 

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