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Deathstroke Annual #1

by Batmanaruto on February 01, 2018

Writer: Christopher Priest and Sienkiewicz
Artist: Denys Cowan
Colorist: Jeremy Cox
Publisher: DC Comics

If you have read any of my reviews for Deathstroke during the Defiance arc you would know that I have had some problems with the story. It has been interesting to see Deathstroke’s journey as he is trying to become a hero, however like this issue seems to say it never really feels like it works. I liked the rest of team Defiance in this issue more than in the entire arc.
Power Girl seems to destroy the whole team in mere seconds as members have either left or are arguing. As someone who wasn’t a fan of team Defiance I like this, but I like how Priest uses this concept even more to examine Power Girl. The rest of the team all have their own things going but she doesn’t and she kind of needs this more than anyone else. She wasn’t invited into the new Teen Titans and is now clutching onto aspects of her life that are not really hers, but her mentor Karen Starr.
One key aspect of Priest’s run on Deathstroke is that he shows how Deathstroke can only approach matters in a roundabout way. He approaches everything through lies, schemes and tricks. Ultimately that is the downfall of the team, as they are never really a team but characters thrown together that Deathstroke feels he can use and manipulate.
In conclusion this was a really stong issue and one of the strongest in a while. With the announcement of No Justice, hopefully this book could potentially return back to bi-monthly as I feel that it going monthly has hurt it. Hopefully this issue is a sign for better times in the future.

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