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Doomsday Clock #3

by Batmanaruto on January 24, 2018

Writer: Geoff Johns
Artist: Gary Frank
Colorist: Brad Anderson
Publisher: DC Comics

With the last issue, it felt that Johns and Frank were just teasing the merging of the DC and Watchmen characters, however with this latest issue we get to see them interact a lot more. It’s slightly disappointing that the series is getting delayed however the strength of the series so far, changes that disappointment into anticipation.
The issue recaps the beginning of Watchmen where Ozymandias kills the Comedian. The art in the scene looks just as good as when Dave Gibbons did it, but the main reveal is after where we find out that he died and went into the DC Universe. This only brings up more questions as we wonder how long Dr Manhattan has been doing that for. We then see a fight between the Comedian and Ozymandias in the DC Universe and there is an obvious similarity to when Ozymandias fought the Comedian.
Batman and Rorschach team-up and we are finally given a bit of backstory to this new Rorschach as we do find out that he seems to be a completely new character that we haven’t met at all. This team-up is brief as Batman locks him up in Arkham Asylum.
The strength of this issue in particular is the interactions between all the characters. The voices are in character and further expand the current universe that Johns is creating. The regular shift between characters, keeps the issue feeling fresh and interesting. Johns and Frank are really crafting an interesting story, that I can’t wait to continue to read.  

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