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Batman And The Signal #1

by Batmanaruto on January 03, 2018

Writer: Tony Patrick and Scott Snyder
Artist: Cully Hamner
Colorist: Laura Martin
Publisher: DC Comics

Duke is a character that seems to continuously be pushed by DC but ever rarely works. The best example of Duke actually working was in the series We Are Robin and even as he has joined the Bat Family it always feels like the character is just there and writers are not really sure what to do with the character. In All-Star Batman, it was revealed that he had powers, however it was really confusing as to what his powers were exactly. So, when it came to this series I was intrigued because it was a miniseries and because the idea of him working during the day was interesting.
I have to say that it is a really solid issue. The greatest aspect of the issue is that it is self-aware, of what fans think about the character of Duke. Many fans look at him as the newest addition to the ever-growing Bat-family and the book addresses it. The greatest narrative device of this issue is showing what Duke is thinking, as he is a rookie so thinks in the way a rookie would think.
With both Morrison’s and Snyder’s expansion of the Batman mythology, it is cool to see Tony Patrick and Snyder make a mythology for Duke with the idea of the Dial. This is a way both Patrick and Snyder differentiates him from the rest of the Bat Family and I’m looking forward to see how this is both explored and expanded on. They also give us a bit more of an explanation regarding Duke’s powers, and give us the first appearance of some of the We Are Robin members since that series.
The book also shifts focus from Duke to a detective called Alex, who is looking into a case where teenagers in the narrows are gaining metahumans abilities and then dying after they get those abilities. This is only really set-up but will probably be fully explored in further issues.
In conclusion, this was a really good issue with good art and is also a promising start. If the series doesn’t lose focus on what is set up in this issue then it could really be a cornerstone in Duke’s history and could actually cause the character to be more interesting but feel like his own character. 

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