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Doomsday Clock #2

by Batmanaruto on December 27, 2017

Writer: Geoff Johns
Artist: Gary Frank
Colorist: Brad Anderson
Publisher: DC Comics

Doomsday Clock #2 can be broken down into two halves. The first half sets up a background for Mime and Marionette, whilst the second half of the issue deals with Mime, Marionette, Rorschach and Ozymandias finally reaching the DC Universe. Overall, I really liked this issue, and I think that it is actually even better than the first issue.
The mime and marionette part actually really highlights both Gary Frank’s art and the use of the nine-panel grid. The nine-panel grid is used effectively to show both the past and the modern day. We also understand what Ozymandias’s plan is as he wants to use criminals to remind Dr Manhattan that he was once a hero and that he should save the world again.
In the second part, it highlights what we have all been waiting for, which is that the Watchmen characters are finally meeting the DC Universe characters. The book takes place one year into the future and the DC Universe looks as bleak as the Watchmen universe and there are a lot of interesting ideas thrown about that really make the reader question how did the DC Universe get this bad.
In conclusion, this is another strong issue by the creative team on this book. One aspect that even elevates this book is the use of the newspaper articles at the end as a narrative device which gives some context for the DC and Watchmen Universe. The series is only improving and I can’t wait for the next issue.

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