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Trinity #15

by Batmanaruto on November 16, 2017

Writer: Rob Williams
Artist: V Ken Marion
Colorist: Dinel Ribeiro
Publisher: DC Comics

Trinity so far has been a mixed bag, but overall been pretty enjoyable. The book really suffers from the fact it doesn't really have a consistent creative team, and instead just feels like each different writer was writing about what they wanted to see the Trinity do. This latest arc has been really fun, however I have felt that it was slightly dragging and this issue emphasises that fact even more.


It was previously established that Circe is trying to get a soul back, but it seems really unclear as to what her actual plan is to do it. At the start of the book some members of the league arrive and she just throws them all into the pit, and it does make you question whether the writer actually has a plan for this issue.


Fortunately when Batman is introduced the book does seem to pick up, as we find out that you have to kill those that were possessed and then bring them back to life. We then get to see all 3 trinities fight Circe and the book ends quickly.


In conclusion I feel that the arc started off with a strong and engaging premise, however as it continued it seemed to peter out. The idea of seeing the Trinity, the magic Trinity, the Dark Trinity and the evil Trinity interact was a cool idea but unfortunately the overall execution was poor.

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