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The Wild Storm- Michael Cray #1

by Batmanaruto on October 11, 2017

Writers: Bryan Hill with Warren Ellis
Artist: N. Steven Harris
Colorist: Steve Buccellato
Publisher: DC Comics

Michael Cray was a character that has now spun off from the current Wildstorm series and he no longer works for IO and is now working for a whole new organization. At the core of the character from what I have read in the main Wildstorm series and in this issue, is that he is looking to do the right thing, not just be a puppet for powerful people.
I do have one small problem with how the book starts. The book at the start does very little to tell us what Michael Cray was doing before and why he left IO. For someone jumping on to the series, they can still follow the story, but I think just a bit more information would help anyone not reading the main series.
In this issue, he is given the mission to kill Oliver Queen. The book seems to take place a bit after Oliver got off the island and is now Green Arrow. Fans of Green Arrow know that he is a good guy, especially after he came off the island, so it is really interesting for the book to challenge our perception of the character, and it certainly does this in an intriguing way as it shows us the terrible acts that Green Arrow seems to be committing.
I have been loving the main Wildstorm series, so was wondering if this new series would hold a candle to the main series. In all honesty, it does. The book is well-written and paced and the initial premise that is set up is really interesting. 

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