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Trinity #10

by Batmanaruto on June 21, 2017

Writer: Francis Manapaul
Artist: Francis Manapaul
Colourist: Francis Manapaul
Publisher: DC Comics

One major problem that Trinity suffers from is that it seems to change the creative teams a lot. For now, it is Manapaul, but we previously had Cullen Bunn and we will soon have Rob Williams. It doesn’t help that the book is monthly as well so at times this can seem jarring.
The story where heroes are mind-controlled or taken over by some evil force is a really overdone trope, so with these stories I really look for how writers want to change things up. In this issue, it doesn’t seem like anything is much different, but Manapaul seems to hint at things being different.
Basically, the main idea of this issue is, should the Trinity kill the rest of the Justice League to save the earth or should they try to save their friends. One aspect I really like that Manapaul included was talking about how Batman and Flash are very similar, but are linked by the fundamental idea of family. He even goes as far as to remember that Batman has a son that the majority of writers just forget, but it really makes sense since as a father he would be concerned about his son.
How it does seem Manapaul changes this usual idea, is it seems that the viruses that banded to the Justice League actually need help and to be rescued from that other alien, as opposed to it being the other way around and it seems that the alien could possibly be lying. If that is what he is actually planning then that is a really interesting twist, however so far, I have really enjoyed this arc.

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