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Deathstroke #19

by Batmanaruto on May 24, 2017

Writer:  Benjamin Percy, Christopher Priest, Dan Abnett, 
Artist: Carlo Pagulayan and Roberto J. Viacava
Colourist: Jeromy Cox
Publisher: DC Comics 

I must admit that this issue was better than the first issue but not better than last issue. This issue does serve to push the story along a lot more, as the last 2 felt a lot more like set-up for the crossover. It does seem to throw some interesting ideas but they are not fully expressed as part of the issue is still stuck in the past doing a bit more set-up, makes you wonder if they should have used Deathstroke and done a back-up for the relevant things we need to know, as it seems like they are throwing a lot of information and only some of it is landing. Maybe when they come together in the final issue there would be a bit more cohesion.
One really cool aspect about this issue is we finally see what Deathstroke would do if he had super speed. The answer is kill a lot of people and seemingly try and do the right thing. It was a cool idea to give Deathstroke superspeed as being the world’s greatest assassin can only get him so far, especially against two whole teams.
The issue also reveals the deal that Nightwing made with Deathstroke. In essence the deal was that if Nightwing looked after his daughter and let her join the team then he would not attack the Titans. So Deathstroke was trying to protect his family, but in typical Deathstroke fashion he seems to go the long way about it. That is good storytelling as this element has been a recurring theme in this series.
We also get a bit of development on the backstory between Deathstroke and his son Grant. Deathstroke does care for his kids, however in this flashback we are shown how he also abuses his kids as he believes this would cause them to be stronger. It really is a twisted love. We had been shown previously that the relationship between Grant and Deathstroke was tense but this further escalates it.
In the end of the issue Deathstroke runs fast enough to go into the past and meet Grant before he died. Now what he will do with that is what we need to find out next issue.

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