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Injustice 2 #6

by Batmanaruto on May 16, 2017

Writer: Tom Taylor
Artist: Daniel Sampere
Inks: Juan Albarran
Colourist: Rex Lokus
Publisher: DC Comics

With the game being released this week, it is great that we also have the accompanying comic being released on the same day. Unfortunately being in the UK I have to wait till Friday but for the US the game was released on the same day. The comic really serves to bulk up the lore of this universe and Taylor and his team are setting it up really well.
In the last issue, it was revealed that Batman was keeping Superman in check, using The Atom who had a slice of kryptonite. That slice could cause different reactions to stop and immobilize Superman. In this issue, Taylor makes no effort to keep the reader wondering, but instead jumps right to it. Although I would have personally preferred for Superman to stand down of his own accord, realizing that he can’t win, the way in which Taylor writes this scene and Sampere illustrates it, is equally as cool. In the scene, it is a race between whether Atom can attack Superman first or whether Superman can attack Batman first.
I personally am not really a fan of Harley Quinn. I think she is a cool character, but I never really got the attraction. Taylor is really changing that as Harley acts as the comic relief in tense moments. It has been really cool how Taylor from the beginning has set up this unlikely trio in the form of Green Arrow, Black Canary and Harley Quinn. The trio totally works and the fact that this Ollie is from a different earth would definitely add a new dynamic, as I pointed out in my last review. This scene really breaks up the book, from the action-packed start and finish.
The final act of this reveals that it is the League of Assassins that are trying to rescue Damian. Now as Harley is leaving she is cut off, so we are not too sure whether the Suicide Squad and New Batman work for the League of Assassins or have their own agenda. In the previous years we have always had a theme or some big bad for each year. It is particularly well-timed that Taylor picks the League of Assassins at the same time as Batman is trying to re-build the world. Especially since the League have always been obsessed with fixing the world, so it is definitely easier if you are starting from scratch. We also get an interesting reveal of an original character and her identity is surprising, so I won’t spoil that.
In conclusion, this is what I would unofficially call the rap up to the first arc. We have the Suicide Squad and League of Assassins, acting as opposition to Batman which is an unexplored idea, especially with Batman’s team as crippled as they are. Hopefully the next arc focuses a bit more on building up Batman’s team.

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