Sex #1

by Andrew Sadowski on March 08, 2013

Sex is a bit of a mixed bag.  

The storyline is certainly intriguing enough, following one Simon Cooke, a retired superhero as he returns to Saturn City, his former protecrate.  But this isn't a capes book, but rather, an examination of what happens AFTER you've ended your heroic crusade.  There seems to be somethign afoot with Simon, but there's not much to go off of. Characterization is a little low, I imagine Casey doesn't want to reveal all his cards in the first issue, but it leaves Simon feeling a little flat. It almost feels like we've been dropped into issue 50 of rather than issue 1. 

Piotr Kowalski's art is very metropolitan, Saturn City is your atypical urban nexus and his art perfectly depicts it, syncing up perfeclty with Brad Simpson's colors. Scenes tend to only be a few colors, colored lights against dark shadows, giving Saturn City an almost dytopic feel. There's also a scene set in a upscale club where the team of Simpson and Kowalski really get to stretch their legs.  This is my first exposure to either of the work, but together they reall sell the upscale yet seedy feel of the book. 

Sex is certainly a book I want to find out more about, but to those who aren't familiar of Joe Casey might not be too enthralled with the issue. Here's hoping things pick up a bit next month with #2.

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