Guardians of the Galaxy #0.1

by Andrew Sadowski on March 02, 2013

As Marvel shifts itself to a more cosmic focus in anticipation of the Guardians of the Galaxy movie, Brian Michael Bendis and Steve McNiven relaunch the much loved team book with a very strong debut. While the main team may not appear for long in this issue, we do get a Bendis-sized origin story for Peter Quill which sets the stage for the series to come. As this issue has its feet on the ground, taking place on Earth during Peter's childhood, Bendis' casual dialogue tone really fits.  Character interactions aren't awkward, and there are some tender, silent scenes mixed in before the storyline ramps up, showing the moment that propelled Peter on his journey to eventually become Star-Lord and lead the modern incarnation of The Guardians of the Galaxy. 

McNiven looks to be putting out the best work of his career on this book. While fans of the muted and scratchy style he recently used in Mark Millar's Nemesis might be a little disappointed, those who enjoyed his work on Civil War will be happy with this book. The details on characters are extremely fine and Justin Ponsor's colors make McNiven's pencils look extremely lush and beautiful. Simply put, the art team here is top tier A-List talent. If you're looking for crisp, detailed classic super-hero art, you have to pick this book up. 

However, despite the excellent quality of the book, I did have one tiny issue with it. There's a sequence right before the flashback in this issue ends, but it's a sequence we've seen before. Part of this issue was published in Marvel Now! Point One #1 way back in October. While that scene is expanded on a little, it might seem a bit like a cop-out to charge twice for the same material even if there is more to it this time around. Regardless, Guardians of the Galaxy #0.1 is an extremely polished book and well worth your time and money.

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