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Covers of the week for 01/31/2018

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Happy New Comic Book Day!! I'm pleased to present our 10 favorite covers for the week of January 31st, 2018 in no particular order.
  • Old Man Logan #34 by Mike Deodato
  • Defenders #9 by Davis Marquez
  • Falcon #4 by Jay Anacleto
  • Dark Nights Metal #5 by Greg Capullo & Jonathan Glapion
  • JLA Doom Patrol Special #1 by Frank Quitely
  • Armory Wars III Good Apollo I’m Burning Star IV #10 by Rags Morales
  • Big Trouble in Little China Old Man Jack #5 by Rahzzah
  • Lark’s Killer #5 by Bill Willingham
  • Hungry Ghosts #1 by Paul Pope
  • Bonehead #2 By Rhoald Marcellius