the coulson report : agents of s.h.i.e.l.d. : episode 6 (aired Nov 6, 2013)

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spoilers alert

The Plot

Strange phenomena occurs when SHIELD are called in to find the body of a dead man floating in mid air with an unusual amount of electro magnetic energies. Suspecting a super powered killer at large, the answer lies within a dead alien’s helmet.

The Verdict

After last week’s first rerun, Marvel’s government team is back in top shape, with the best episode I’ve seen since, well, ever. What starts off as a murder investigation, turns into a medical mystery that even Doctor House couldn’t figure out. This episode has some great emotional scenes, as Simmons realizes she can’t be cured from the Chitauri virus, my heart almost stopped when she threw herself off the ship and I was mumbling to myself “Unless Thor or Iron Man happens to be flying by, she’s a goner”. But then the Boy Scout Grant saves the day with an awesome parachute scene.
Finally we get some real answers about Coulson’s death from way back in the Avengers movie, turns out he died for a few minutes and was revived. So much for that SHIELD replicants theory.

Bad-ass action scene 

Already mentioned Grant’s Mission Impossible stunt with the parachute.

Best line of dialogue

Agent Grant tells Skye “I don’t know how to protect you from this, if it’s a super villain, it’s something I can punch or kick at, but this… “

Final Report

This one has it all, romance, white knuckled suspense, intense action, character development and a good mystery. Just when I was starting to think this series was getting bland, they surprise me with a kick ass episode.