The Coulson Report : Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. episode 3 (aired Oct 8, 2013)

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The Plot 

During a routine transport of a brilliant scientist under s.h.i.e.l.d.’s protection, a group of unknown assailants attack several shield vehicles with a very powerful invisible weapon and kidnap said scientist.

The Verdict

Finally, I think the show is finally picking up. This episode was an edge of your seat hour that has a lot going for it, for starters Skye goes under cover, so Fitz and Simmons can deactivate a force field for 3 seconds that surrounds the area in  which the kidnapped scientist is held captive. Very Mission Impossible-ish, with every character playing an import role. It’s also a test to see where Skye’s loyalties lie and the show plays with that back and forth, so you’re not quite sure where it’s going and keeps you guessing throughout the episode. I didn’t really like Skye as a character, but she’s definitely staring to grow on me, plus that’s one sexy red dress.
Agent Coulson’s the boss, but I like how he keeps tagging along for missions and the mystery surrounding his “death” in the Avengers movie just nudges very slowly with every episode. I don’t exactly remember ever being a “gravity weapon” in the pages of Marvel comics, but it fits perfectly into the Marvel WMDs like the Ultimate Nullifier or the Infinity Gauntlet. Without spoiling anything, the final scene feels very much like the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark, where dangerous items that could be disastrous in the wrong hands are kept in storage or catapulted into space by the Slingshot (see episode 2).

Bad-ass action scene

This one’s a tie. With the use of cool CG, the shield cars side swiped by an invisible force and the gravity weapon making gravity go ape shit.

Best line of dialogue

Ward tells Skye that doesn’t really have a truth serum (see the pilot). 

Final report

This episode was the kick in the ass the series needed. Great action clips, suspenseful moments, team work and the very final shot will make a strong revisit to this episode’s gravity weapon in a way only Marvel could deliver.