The Blogging Dead : The Walking Dead Season 4 : Episode 2 : Infected (Aired October 20, 2013)

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Patrick dies overnight by flu like conditions, turns and proceeds to wreak havoc throughout the prison. Men, women and children are killed, turned and killed again, as Rick and the group try to control the situation and prevent the outside walkers from collapsing the fence.

The Good

The peace and tranquility the group felt with last week’s episode is quickly shattered as walkers roam freely inside the prison and nearly bring down the chain link fence. The possibility of a type of swine flu is introduced to pile on the misery for these characters, I guess the writers thought they needed an additional challenge, which builds up the tension even higher to an already tense situation.
A mystery saboteur, who is not shown, is introduced that is feeding rats to walkers and burning those infected with the swine flu. What possible motivation this person has is unknown at the moment, but it’ll be fun to try and guess who the culprit is, depending how long the drag out this subplot.

The Bad 

Some of this week’s acting was atrocious, Carol delivered some of the worse dialogue I’ve ever heard or maybe it was her deliverance. The 2 little girls who’s father died are terrible actresses, reminds me of Carl in season 1 & 2.

The Ugly 

It must be challenging for the creators of the show to push the boundaries of modern makeup and show the viewer new and creative ways of blood and guts, but they still manage to surprise me. The poor sonovabitch who was sleeping and got his larynx and stomach ripped out, later turns and gets out of bed and his insides just fall smack to the floor. Hats off to the makeup team.

Best Walker Kill

Between the chaos inside the prison and the walkers being stabbed through the fence, I couldn’t really pick one this week.

Best Bad-Ass Scene

Rick dumping sliced pigs to temporarily lure the walkers away from the fence was cruel, but necessary.

Best Line of Dialogue

This touching scene doesn’t involve dialogue, but when Michonne holds the baby and cries, that scene speaks volumes.

Closing Thoughts and Half Eaten Grey Matter

Like the comic book series, the shit really hits the fan, as peace of mind and a break from the walkers doesn’t last very long. I’m interested to see how far they’ll take this swine flu plot, otherwise a fine episode.