The Blogging Dead : The Walking Dead Episode 16 : Welcome to the Tombs (aired March 31, 2013)

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Rick & his people take one final stand to defend their home from the Governor and his cronies, while Andrea & Milton are locked in the Governor’s torture chamber with a conflict of their own.  

The Good 

A perfect ending to a perfect season. This final episode doesn’t quite have the punch in the face ending that last season had, but it’s the events, tragedies & victories that makes this episode so special. The characters have been through hell and back (The Governor, Rick), some have died (T-Dog, Lori, Axel, Merle) some have lost loved ones (Rick) and some have completely lost their marbles (Morgan).
Some real tense moments throughout the episode, like Andrea trying to free herself from the chair as we stressfully wait for Milton to change into a walker. But the most bat shit crazy moment was when the Governor opened fire on the remaining citizens of Woodbury. He was always nuts, but now he’s gone completely off the deep end. I’m real curious as to where he’s going, probably back to Woodbury I suppose.
The siege at the prison was like something out of the movie Heat, a war zone complete with huge automatic weapons, RPGs, explosions & gas grenades. To say the Governor was just packing a little heat is like saying that Merle is just misunderstood. I thought for sure Rick and the gang abandoned ship, but it was all a deception and it totally worked.
Depending how you look at it, Carl’s either lost his grip on reality or he’s seeing things clearly for the very first time ever since the world’s gone to shit.

The Bad 

Why didn’t Rick move his gang to Woodbury with the people who are already there, instead of transporting them all the way, back to the prison? Woodbury has a solid perimeter, houses with beds, food & water. Even if the Governor came back to Woodbury, he has 2 men with him, the residents would gladly join the Ricktatorship, especially after they learn how the Gov gunned down the Woodbury posse in cold blood.
Speaking of Woodbury, just how long does it take to get there from the prison and vice versa. Last week’s episode, it took Andrea a whole day to get from Woodbury to the prison, other times characters seem to get there in less than an hour.

Best walker kill

Team Governor mowing down a bunch of walkers, as their heads exploded like popped water balloons.

Best bad-ass scene

The exploding guard towers reminded me of Rambo. Ka-freakin’-boom.

Best line of dialogue 

After the Governor stabs Milton he says “You’re gonna die and you’re gonna turn and then you’re gonna tear the flesh from her bones. In this life, you kill or you die… or you die and you kill”. Now that’s good writing.

Closing thoughts & half eaten grey matter

I’m sad to see Andrea leave the pack, didn’t see that one coming. Once again, just like the comic book series, characters die all the time and it’s never ever predictable and it’s never dull. It’s gonna be hard not to have my weekly dose of walker mayhem, until next season, keep reading the comic everybody and have a very zombie summer. 
Luc St-Clair