The Blogging Dead : The Walking Dead Episode 15 : This Sorrowful Life (aired March 24, 2013)

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Ready to honour the Governor’s deal, Rick informs Hershel, Daryl & Merle about the plan to give up Michonne in exchange for peace between Woodbury & the prison. When Rick’s conscience has a change of heart, Merle deceptively & forcibly escorts Michonne to deliver her to the Governor himself and finds out he has a little bit of humanity left to offer.

The Good 

So long Merle, you were a better walker than you ever were a human being. Although you did find a smidgeon of redemption in letting Michonne go, I guess you weren’t completely hopeless. Actor Michael Rooker brought real character to a detestable individual, Merle’s a character you just love to hate and brought tension & disgust in every episode he was in. If you want to see more of Rooker being a real scumbag, check out his performances in movies like Henry : Portrait of a Serial Killer & Mississippi Burning. Merle’s like Henry, except he butchers walkers instead of people. 
Actor Norman Reedus flexes his acting muscles, as Daryl shows some real emotions in mourning the death of his brother Merle. Maybe now he’ll warm up to Carol.
Some nice & tender moments between Glen & Maggie, as he proposes to her with a diamond ring chopped from the dead finger of a female walker. Seriously? Here’s how the scene would’ve played out in real life (ok, in real life, zombies don’t exist, but just bear with me for a moment).
  • Maggie : yes I’ll marry you Glen, It’s a beautiful ring…
  • Glen : Oh Maggie, you’ve made me the happiest man on earth.
  • Maggie : um… Glen?
  • Glen : Yes my beautiful wife to be?
  • Maggie : Where did you get this ring?
  • Glen : uh well… I…
  • Maggie : Glen!!!
  • Glen : I… took it off the finger of a… walker 
  • Maggie : EEWWW! Gross! What the hell is wrong with you? Did you at least sterilize it or something?
  • Glen : Well no, I just wiped it on my shirt.
  • Maggie : The same filthy and stinky shirt you’ve been wearing for months and months?
  • Glen : Well yeah.
  • Maggie : Oh man, it’s bad enough we have sex like 30 feet away from a horde of walkers, but now you want me to wear a scummy ring too. I’m going to my cell to pout like I did after the Governor scared me. Boo Hoo Hoo!

The Bad

How long those it take for a human to turn into a walker after they die? Hours? How much time did it take for Merle to turn? Was it as quick as Shane? I seem to remember Andrea’s sister to turn into a walker in 24 hours after she died. Maybe I’m wrong, but there seems to be some inconsistencies when it comes to these events.

Best walker kill

Hands down, this one goes to Michonne. Tied up to a post with twine, she garrottes a walker with loose twine until the heads pops off.

Best bad-ass scene 

The Governor fights with Merle and bites off a few fingers off his good hand. Ouch.

Best line of dialogue

Carol tells Merle to take a stand and says “It’s time to pick a damn side!”

Closing thoughts & half eaten grey matter

We’re just days away from Season 3’s final episode and I’ve got a feeling it’s gonna be epic! R.I.P. Merle.