The Blogging Dead : The Walking Dead Episode 13 : Arrow on the Doorpost (aired March 10, 2013)

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Rick & The Governor meet in an abandoned farm face to face to discuss a truce between the 2 groups, but the Governor has something more sinister in mind. Meanwhile back at the prison, tensions flare when Merle wants to leave the group to join his brother.

The Good

The two head honchos meet up and all the cards are on the table and with a little bit of macho-ism back & forth, the Gov lets Rick know exactly what he wants. Their surrender and Michonne gift wrapped and on a silver platter. Not exactly a action packed episode, but more of a conversation episode, as Rick and the Gov discuss their terms, while Daryl & Hershel shoot the shit and take care of a few pesky walkers nearby.
We get some background info on one of the Governor’s henchman Martinez and Hershel & Milton share a funny moment together. These people seem to be getting along, so it’s a shame it’s going to end with a bloodbath, but because it happened in the comic book series, part of me wants to see a war unfold.
Merle’s devotion to his brother will never crack. The creep will never fit in with the Ricktatorship. I just don’t see that happening any time soon. Glen & Maggie forgive and forget and even in the Walking Dead world, make up sex is alive and well (cue porn music).

The Bad

Some slow moments with Rick & the Gov, as they awkwardly stare at each other trying to psych each other out. With the gun taped under the table, I thought for sure the Gov was going to pull a “Han Solo/Greedo” moment on Rick.

Best walker kill

This one goes to Martinez, the man is an artist with a baseball bat, as he redecorates the wall of a silo with colourful walker brains.

Best bad-ass scene

Glen shows some true grit, as he stands up against Merle, a character who makes even the walkers shit their pants, if they’re wearing any.

Best line of dialogue

Milton asks Hershel about his sawed off leg and would like to see it, to which Hershel replies “You want to see my stump? You could at least buy me dinner first.” It’s a rare treat to see characters laugh on this show.

Closing thoughts & half eaten grey matter

The zombie guts will truly hit the fan in the next couple of episodes as both parties get ready for war. I’ll bring the sandwiches & soda pop. See you next week.