The Blogging Dead : The Walking Dead Episode 12 : Clear (aired March 3, 2013)

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With war with Woodbury coming any day and desperately low on weapons, Rick, Carl & Michonne take a car and head towards Rick’s old sheriff’s office to hopefully find some extra weapons & ammunitions. They encounter Rick’s old friend Morgan, who once saved Rick’s life (see Season 1 : Episode 1), but time spent alone fighting off walkers has taken it’s toll on Morgan’s sanity. Will he join the group back at the prison? Or spend the rest of his life grief stricken & fighting off walkers?

The Good

It doesn’t pay to be a hitchhiker in the Walking Dead world, just ask that guy. This was a great episode, it’s nice to get away from the prison setting and revisit older territory. Like Rick’s group, that whole prison environment was making me feel a little claustrophobic, so a change of scenery is certainly welcomed.
What’s interesting about the world of The Walking Dead as we know it, is how different people cope with this reality. Some people like Rick find shelter and a sense of community, while others like Morgan are not so lucky. Now of course I’m not saying that Rick’s life has been all shits & giggles, but compared to Morgan, all of a sudden Rick doesn’t seem so crazy. Morgan’s transformed Rick’s old neighbourhood into a twisted version of Home Alone from hell. Caged live animals to attract walkers so they can impale themselves on stakes & spikes, pullies & zip lines connecting buildings to escape ground walkers & a shelter with enough weapons & ammunition to finance a small army. Great stuff.
This episode truly showcases the character’s acting chomps with wonderful scenes between Rick & Morgan (Lennie James is terrific). Carl & Michonne share some good moments as well, as Michonne finely takes the bug out of her ass that’s been lodged there ever since her first appearance. 

The Bad

This isn’t so much as a criticism, but more of a sad realization. The Ricktatorship has been through hell & back, when they first got together and on the road, turning a blind eye to a stranger/hitchhiker seeking help would never have crossed their minds. But a year or so in the Walking Dead world, trust is a luxury the almost can’t afford. It’s just sad.

Best walker kill

Michonne does what Michonne does best, a skinny walker approaches them and she proceeds to casually ventilate his head with her trusty sword.

Best bas-ass scene

Michonne takes this one again as she takes out two walkers in one scene. One in front of her and the other behind her by slashing him over her head. Nice.

Best line of dialogue

Morgan’s entire speech about how he lost his son got me choked up.
Well that’s all for this week kiddies and according to IMDB, Morgan will be returning in at least one more episode. So chew on that for a while.