The Blogging Dead : The Walking Dead Episode 11 : I Ain’t a Judas (aired Feb 24, 2013)

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While the Governor trains every resident aged 13 years and over for war, Andrea flees Woodbury to warn her friends at the prison. Tyrese’s group stumbles upon Andrea and Milton, which leads Milton to escort his group to Woodbury where they are more than happy to divulge all the info they know about Rick and the prison to the Governor.

The Good

A gang war seems inevitable at this point between Team Governor and Team Rick, if it’s anything like the comic, it’s gonna be on an epic scale. Andrea returning to her original group was a nice reunion long in the making, as she questions the group about some missing people, like us she’s shocked to realize how many have perished. We get to see first hand how Andrea makes Michone’s do-it-yourself walker pet/walker repellent, seems the characters & the writers forgot the old smear walker blood & guts on yourself for a more long lasting walker repellent (see Season 1).
With Carol’s advice, Andrea goes back to Woodbury and into the Governor’s bed where he’s vulnerable for an assassination which could end the conflict. I knew she couldn’t go through with it, in a society where a good majority of people are no longer humans, there are still those who still have a little humanity left and that taking a life is not an option. Even for a bastard like the Governor. Although, not an action packed episode like last weeks, but you occasionally need those dialogue filled episode to flesh out the character’s developments. All in all, a solid episode.

The Bad

No complaints here.

Best walker kill

Remember that scene in American History X when Ed Norton’s character makes another character bite down on the curb and Norton slams his foot on the guy’s head and all you hear is “Crunch!”. Well Andrea goes all “Ed Norton” on a walker and this time gives a brutal image to that crunch. Ouch.

Best bad-ass scene

This scene is also super disgusting. The Governor stares in a mirror and flips over his eye patch to reveal his eye socket wound where his left eye used to be. I swear I thought that any moment, pus would come oozing out. This scene made me cringe like no other scene. Yuck.

Best line of dialogue

A frustrated Hershel tells Rick “Get back here! You once said this isn’t a democracy. Now you need to own up to that.”
Merle needs to hook up Hershel with his own “stump blade”. Don’t you think? See you in 7 days dead watchers!