The Blogging Dead : The Walking Dead Episode 10 : Home (aired Feb 17, 2013)

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Spoiler Alert! You've been warned!

Summary :

Rick’s hallucinations of his recently deceased wife Laurie continues, as they take him outside the prison’s parameters and into walker territory. With Daryl gone and Rick mentally gone, Glen assumes leadership of the group and that makes Hershel nervous. Daryl starts to question his decision to leave the group with his brother, while the Governor declares bloody war.

The Good :

After a mediocre new mid season episode, The Walking Dead is back in top shape with a full on walker attack on the prison! Rick is quickly losing his grip on reality as he sees Laurie pop up all over the place. Can’t really blame the guy, being in charge, having people looking up to you and everything he’s been through, I’d be a little cuckoo for cocopuffs to.
The biggest surprise was The Governor’s retaliation, I didn’t think it’d be this early in the game, but that incredible scene was straight out of the movie Heat, with the blaze & roar of automatic weapons and The Gov dispatching a van loaded with a dozen walkers was a stroke of pure genius. How’s that for a siege?  Unfortunately, this leads to the killing of Axel, as a bullet rips through his skull. Now at first I questioned if he had survived it, but my doubt quickly vanished when Carol used his lifeless body as a shield, as multiple bullets turned ole Axel into Swiss cheese. Axel’s death doesn’t come as a shocker and here’s why. Axel’s character is like an unknown officer that’s part of a landing party from Star Trek the original series. You got Kirk, Spock, Bones & oh let’s say… Ensign Parsons. Parsons is a dead man. Captain Kirk orders Parsons to take a tricorder reading of a strange exotic purple flower, as the regular cast stands over there. You were a nice, but temporary part of the team, but it’s time for you to go. Same to you Axel.
Daryl’s departure from the group was short lived, but I think hours spent with a douchebag like Merle is enough to send anybody on the run from the guy, even if he’s your flesh & blood.

The Bad :

Here’s the part I don’t get. Why is Maggie so upset with Glen? He’s just trying to comfort and be there for her and she’s like “Get away from me!”. Let me get this straight. You’re a young woman living in a world where society has collapsed, you’re trying to go on, supplies are low and any day you could die horribly at the hands of flesh eating zombies who would love nothing more than devour your body, as you die a painful & suffering death. So now you’re upset because a creepy dude had you locked in an interrogation room and all he did was make you take off your shirt & bra, embarrassed you and scared you a little bit. He didn’t beat you or rape you. You know what? In this zombieland, I’ll take humiliation over being a walker’s brunch any day of the week. Suck it up princess!

Best walker kill :

Daryl slams the trunk of car on a walker’s head, crushing it like a watermelon. Let the juices flow! 

Best bad-ass scene :

The Governor’s van comes crashing through the prison gates and stops abruptly and like a car full of clowns, a dozen of walkers come swarming out of the vehicle, creating havoc for our heroes. Great scene.

Best line of dialogue :

  • Glen : “Rick’s loosing his mind and Daryl’s abandoned us. I’m next in line to lead this group!”
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