The Blogging Dead : Episode 9 : The Suicide King (aired Feb 10, 2013)

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Summary: It’s sibling rivalry as The Governor puts on a show for the people of Woodbury, as he pits Daryl against Merle into the zombie arena. Merle proceeds to beat the living hell out of Daryl as a means to escape, but suddenly Rick and the gang rescue them, turning the pit into a war zone with a handful of Woodbury casualties. Meanwhile back at the prison, Hershel tends to Tyreese and his people, as they plea with him to stay in the prison permanently. When Rick returns, he’s forced to deal with the situation, but not before facing some very personal demons.
After a holiday hiatus, welcome back to the boob tube’s most watched series. It’s funny, The Walking Dead isn’t the best written show by any stretch of the imagination, sometimes it’s slow and sometimes the characters are poorly developed, but like a moth to a flame I keep coming back baby. Whether I admit it or not, I get attached to these characters and of course I’m a sucker for “end of days” type of story, throw in some gory zombie action and I’m hooked for life.
This mid-season premiere wasn’t the greatest episode, it has its ups & downs and it’s definitely the weakest of the 3rd season. There’s some heated confrontations and shouting matches between characters with 2 stories simultaneously happening. The 1st story is an exciting rescue attempt with lots of guns, tear gas, zombie & human slayings (most of them Woodbury people). The other takes place at the prison camp with Tyreese pleading his case to Hershel to stay in the prison. Heads almost clash when half of Tyreese’s group want to take the prison by force for themselves, this plot will probably resurface in future episodes.
A strange moment occurs towards the end when Rick hallucinates and sees his recently dead wife in a dress. I say strange because Rick tells her to get the hell out of here, you’d think he’d be happy to see her, now grant it, he’s obviously starting to lose it, but still.
Best Zombie Kill :  In a fit of blinding rage, Glenn repeatedly stomps on a zombie’s head Dead Space style until it completely caves in, leaving a mushy & pulpy pile of red goop. Glenn rules!
Best Bad-Ass Scene: During Rick’s rescue attempt for Daryl, tear gas is used to create a diversion and The Governor slowly walks through it with a little grin and a one-eyed death stare that could make Michonne rattle her sword.
Best Fan Moment : When Rick’s group make their escape out of Woodbury, Daryl snatches his precious crossbow from a Woodbury citizen. It’s totally his “Indiana Jones grabs his hat from the closing trap door” moment. He loves his crossbow.
See you next week walker gawkers!