Part 1: The Meeting

by Nexx on September 14, 2013

“This is taking too long,” said the priest in a hushed whisper. “He should have been here by now."

"Patience my dear, he is not that late. Come, sit with me."

The blood elf priest huffed disapprovingly and then rolled her eyes at her companion. She sauntered over to a nearby stump, scrutinized it closely and flicked a dusk-beetle off it before sitting down.

The moonlight was shining into the small glade and the only sound in the night was the soft crackling of the fire in front of the two. The Blood Elf’s eyes glowed especially green in the darkness, whether this was due to the moonlight or her ever-increasing ire towards their late guest, he did not know.

“Tull,” she said softly as she laid a hand on the tauren’s shoulder. “You know as well as I do that we need to go.” The tauren poked a stick into the fire watching the embers slowly float into the air and be swept away by the soft night breeze. “You heard it yourself,” she continued, “two full encampments of gnolls headed to Grimtotem this very night. We need to meet the others there or…” The tauren stood up and stomped his hooves into the ground, shaking it violently. “You think I don’t know this?! There are four of us Tay, only four!” His voice growled and for an instant, she thought she saw his fur thicken. “Artemis and Bubb will be there now,” his anger unleashed, she now spoke freely. “If we wait much longer we risk not getting there in time.” She stepped closer to the tauren, her green eyes narrow, “He’s not worth it. Not him. Rarely trust a mage; Do not trust the dead.”

“Now, now, Sweetness,” came a voice from the shadows, “It is rather unkind to speak ill of those who might be of assistance, wouldn’t you agree?” Tull and Tay turned to see a figure step into the glade. His sickly, pallid skin was stretched over his bones and torn, ripped flesh hung loosely in areas. His robes were purple and black with fine scarlet etchings adorning the hem and cuffs. His smile was wicked and mocking but it was his eyes that caught the attention of the companions. Bright, unblinking, blue glowing eyes, not the yellow of the dead, set in deep sockets scanned the two. After a few more moments, the stranger fell into a low bow and held it.

“My name, as you have guessed, is Nexx,” his voice was coarse and rasped with malice. Looking up at the two, they saw he was grinning.

“I hear you have a gnoll problem,” he held out his hand and a small flame burst into being. He stared at it lovingly and then clenched his hand, snuffing it out. “I think I may be of some use.”