Weekly Spinner Picks for 11/20/2013

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Archie Afterlife #2:  Honestly I never thought I would be so excited for an Archie comic. Now don’t get me wrong I’ve always been a fan of the Riverdale gang and some of my earliest comic memories involve my mom picking me up a double digest when I was a wee lad home sick from school. I just never thought they would appeal to me at this stage of my life. Boy was wrong! This ongoing series is written by Archie veteran writer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and illustrated by one of my person favorites Francesco Francavilla. To get you up to speed with the series, issue one had Sabrina inadvertently start a zombie plague by resurrecting Jughead’s recently deceased pooch, Hot Dog. Hot Dog in turn bites and infects Jughead leaving us with one heck of a cliff-hanger. Being a huge Francavilla fan it was no surprise to me that I loved the art. What did surprise me was how much I enjoyed the story. It was so smartly written and I love how the Riverdale gang was adapted to modern times but still kept their classic characteristics. In fact I liked it so much I went back to the local comic book shop and bought another copy of it to give to one of my doubting friends and yes he quickly became a fan. I’m telling you get onboard this series, you will thank me.
Daredevil #33: Last month we got some sad news that this current incarnation of Daredevil would be ending with issue 36 in February 2014. The series writer Mark Waid and artist Chris Samnee have put together one heck of a run so for that I thank them. For the few of you that haven’t read this series I suggest you go buy the trades. It’s been the most consistent super hero title since its inception with this creative team.  The last issue left us hanging with a huge a cliff-hanger. I’m really not sure how our horned hero will survive it but I’m anxious to find out. With the series coming to an end all we can do is enjoy what will surely be some great closing issues.
Eternal Warrior #3: To me Valiant is producing some of the best comics on the market today. For those of you that haven’t given them a chance check out the first volume of any one of the current series’. They’re all priced at the affordably cost of $9.99. Eternal Warrior is quickly climbing to one of my top monthly pick-ups. It’s written by Greg Pak and illustrated by Trevor Hairsine and Diego Bernard. I’m not usually a fan of the duel artist but in this series it works quite nicely in keeping the present time and the flashback scenes clearly defined. The series has been non-stop action since the beginning and this issue should be no different.  

Wake #5: This series written by Scott Snyder and drawn by Sean Murphy receives an honorable mention. The shipping delays have killed some of my love for the series but I’m sure with this creative team the end result will be a great series. This definitely would’ve been a good one to trade-wait. I may hold off on reading it until the last issue is out and read it all at once.


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Archie Afterlife is something unexpected and is worth checking out. I'm curious about Eternal Warrior, so i'll just wait for the cheap trade. Mark Waid's Darredevil run will be missed and I'm eagerly anticipating The Wake trade or even a nice hard cover.