my justice league of canada wish list

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With the recently announced news of a Canadian team of Justice League, Canadian writer Jeff Lemire was quoted that the roster would consist of current super heroes and some brand new ones as well. One was confirmed as Adam Strange, which is an interesting choice. I’ve never read Adam Strange, but I’m familiar with the character and the long history attached to the DC Universe.
I thought it’d be fun to make my own roster for who I think should or hope to be on the new Justice League of Canada (sounds weird) team. This was a rather difficult list to make, I had to dig deep into the DC archives to make some choices. Now this needs to be said, I’m a Marvel man, always have, always will be, but I do enjoy the DC Universe as well, so for some of these picks, some heroes could have new identities, they could already be in the JL or JLA, they could be villains, hell, they could even be dead. The point is, feel free to correct my ass, but don’t judge too harshly, it’s just for fun. Here they are in no particular order:
  • The Spectre : To handle threats a little bit more on the darker side, it’s always good to have some supernatural muscle on your team. He was once Jim Corrigan, then he was Hal Jordan and then some black dude. Working for God could be time consuming for The Spectre, but a JLC member just needs to shout his name and he’ll appear like magic.
  • Animal Man : Buddy Baker would make an interesting addition to the team, he was once in the JLA and as far as I know he’s not part of any team. Since Jeff Lemire already writes on Animal Man, it makes total sense to add him to the roster.
  • The Ray : From what I can remember, here’s a guy made of electrical energy and has some connections to the sun… I think. In the 90’s, there was this mini series drawn by Joe Quesada that was really fun. Love the helmet, but the suit needs some updates.
  • Captain Marvel : On DC’s official website, on the characters section CM is under “S” for Shazam, so which is it? Now I know what Shazam stands for, but to me he’ll always be Captain Marvel. Adding this character is a no brainer, magic & muscle. Like Marvel would say, Nuff said. Now during the day, Billy Batson would be in school, but kids today all carry cell phones, so contacting him to Shazam up wouldn’t be a problem.
  • Supergirl : Super Woman, Power Girl whatever she’s called, what would a JL team be without a character with “super” in his or her name.
  • Metamorpho : Now here’s a very unique individual with awesome powers. Ex-Justice League Europe and ex-Outsiders, Rex has the ability to shape his body into any element he thinks of.
  • Doctor Fate : Having a powerful mystic in your corner doesn’t hurt your team, just ask The Defenders, as a reserved Avengers member and part of the Illuminati, Doctor Strange is your defense against, possessions, demonic threats and inter dimensional invaders. Doctor Fate is DC’s answer to Doctor Strange.
  • Jason Blood/Etrigan The Demon : Your team stuck in hell and can’t get out? Just call Jason Blood and he’ll summon Etrigan for you. Although unpredictable, Etrigan could be an asset to the team, provided he doesn’t kill everybody. Reserved member only.

So including Jeff Lemire’s report that Adam Strange will be part of the team, that makes 9 powerful individuals with unique abilities and powers. I wouldn’t want to be a thief robbing a Tim Horton’s on a Sunday afternoon. I had more characters to choose from, but the list was getting too long. Also a GL member can be thrown in there for good measure, there’s so many of them. What are your thoughts on this list?


What about Captain Canuck?