Johnny Red - Red Devil Rising

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This is the second volume of a hardcover collection of the Johnny Red stories from the popular British weekly series Battle.

Pilot Johnny Redburn was discharged from the Royal Air Force for striking an officer and finds himself working as a Merchant Marine in WW2. A German sneak attack forces Johnny back into the air in a stolen Hurricane. Unable to make it home, where he may face more than a discharge, he aims for Russia. Once there he meets Falcon Squadron of the 5th Soviet Air Brigade, which he ends up joining and fighting alongside.

This is a great collection of stories that feature gritty tales of WW2. A lot of "artisitc" licence is used in the stories but they do have some historical fact and truth to them. The all black and white art is by Joe Colquhoun and written by Tom Tully. There is also a great introduction by writer Garth Ennis. 

The book is release by Titan Books and is only available in hardcover for $19.95 (american) $23.95 (canadian). 



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Which explains Ennis' work on Battlefields. Sounds intriguing.

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His work on Battlefields is what brought me back into the war comic fold.