Spawn February Artist Spotlight - Simone Bianchi

by Wes Greer on February 01, 2023


Tempe, Ariz., February 1, 2023, After a successful 2022 campaign that saw SPAWN capture the title of best-selling comic book once again. Todd McFarlane is finding new ways to bring exciting talent to his roster with his Artist Spotlight series. 

Each month of 2023 will feature a NEW spotlight artist who will create covers for the 4 Spawn Universe titles: SPAWN, Gunslinger Spawn, Scorched, and King Spawn. 

David Mack started the series in January, with his covers being met with high fan praise. 

Simone Bianchi is up for the month of February, bringing his own style to each title. Bianchi's process consists of creating full size acrylic paintings of each cover. The covers are between 22’ x 16’ and 25’ x 18’. Their preliminaries are roughly 18’ x 12’. 

When asked about why he decided to take part in the Artist Spotlight Series, Bianchi had this to say:

“I got a message from Todd and the decision was made even before starting talking. He is one of those people with a halo of energy you absorb by just talking to. Also, he knows exactly how much creative liberty and freedom you need to create your best art. I could work with no pressure, the right indications, but also with the confidence of him and Thomas, that are the ideal conditions to give your best. Not secondary of course, the importance Spawn has had as a character since my teenage comic book collection, so.. there was never a doubt whether accepting the project or not."

Bianchi has also had the honor of having his covers selected to be placed in the Cart Gallery in Via del Gesù, Italy, a few steps away from the Pantheon.

Stay tuned to Todd McFarlane and McFarlane_Comics_official social channels for BTS videos, interviews, and process explanations from Simone Bianchi.

SPAWN has been the hottest current title in recent memory, usurping Marvel and DC to become the best-selling comic of the lat TWO YEARS and has continued to live up to high expectations. The Artist Spotlight series will look to bring new perspectives and exciting new covers for fans to collect throughout 2023.  

See Below for a CLOSER LOOK at the upcoming covers...