Liam Sharp teases new Arthurian creator owned series, Star Henge

by Wes Greer on August 27, 2021

Liam Sharp, a long time comic creator, has gone to social media to tease his very first, fully independent comic series, Star Henge and has asked the comic community to rally behind him. Sharp has recently returned to the limelight with his work at DC, including books such as, Wonder Woman Rebirth, Green Lantern alongside writer, Grant Morrison, Batman Reprilian with writer, Garth Ennis, and is stepping in for artist, Clay Mann on the Tom King written success, Batman Catwoman. Sharp also recently ran a Kickstarter campaign for a collected art book featuring his work over the years that became a massive success with funding reaching a total of $132,129 with an original goal of just $14,000. The last week or so, Sharp has turned to Twitter to tease his new Arthurian style creator owned story titled, "Star Henge" and today he posted asking for the troops to rally behind him as he starts the process of creating the book to get as much attention as possible for a successful launch and here at Comics the Gathering, we are all about supporting our comic book creators, big and small! 

The tweet from Sharp states,
“I'm going to be needing your help in a big way in the coming months if I'm going to get my first fully-independent creator-owned Arthurian series STAR HENGE BOOK ONE: THE DRAGON & THE BOAR the exposure it'll need to be a success. You with me?”

Sharp then went on to explain what we can expect in the series,
“We’re talking Myrddin, St. Kentigern, Saxons, battles in Ireland and Briton, the theft of magical stones, horned gods, the coming of a king, chaos magic, and sigils cast for a future threat so vast non might encompass it. STAR HENGE: The Dragon and the Boar. Coming Summer 2022.”

Sharp also shared two incredible preview pieces of original art that replicate his digital painting style seen currently in Batman Reptilian. 

We can’t wait to find out more about the upcoming series and we will be updating all of our readers with any updates from Sharp, hoping to help spread the word and get as many eyes as we can on the future project! If you want to get involved and follow Liam yourselves, you can follow him on Twitter, @LiamRSharp and make sure to turn on notifications so you don’t miss any updates directly from the source.