Cosplay: The Toronto ComiCon 2013 edition (part 1)

by Vannary Sok on March 23, 2013

A tower of t-shirts? Must be the Toronto ComiCon!

Walking through downtown Toronto towards the Metro Convention centre was no ordinary walk last weekend. Within the hustle and bustle of the city, Bobafetts and Batmen were only some of the few cosplay sightings made around the city and at this year’s 2013 Toronto ComiCon – which sold out on Saturday unfortunately for those who were hoping to score tickets the day of. Every year fans flock to the event to seek the ultimate swag and to mingle not only amongst themselves but also with their favourite writers, creators and celebrities.

The main attraction this year that everyone lined up for was to see the entire cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation. My innertrekkie couldn’t wait to catch a glimpse of the gang too but it was too crowded for my liking. I’m just happy I was able to breathe the same air as Patrick Stewart. With all the commotion over the Star Trek cast, the rest of the convention events seemed a bit slacker but it did give me the chance to chat with different writers and artists.

These steam punk inspired items were a huge hit

Events like ComiCon and Fan Expo are perfect for those in love with cosplay. They have enabled cosplayers to continue to create and build a community – a community where fans share their adoration for a particular character or idea through photos and stories. These stories range from who did who best and the trials, tribulations and satisfaction of making your own costume.

Cosplay is by far my favourite aspect of a convention. Another chance besides Halloween to play dress up? Count me in! My expectations are always at a high for people to suit up as their most beloved character and this year was no different. It’s also an opportunity to show off your creative DIY skills. The more detailed your costume, the more impressive and some people go all out. But this year was a bit slacking in the cosplaydepartment though I still give high fives and two thumbs up to anyone who did show up in costume.

Here were some of my favourites:

For high-resolution photos, go here: