August 2013 Top Ten Sales

by mahargen on September 13, 2013

1.  Infinity #1

2.  Superman Unchained #3

3.  Batman #23

4.  Justice League #23

5.  Justice League of America #7

6.  Batman Superman #3

7.  Superior Spider-Man #15

8.  Superior Spider-Man #16

9.  Avengers #18

10.  All-New X-Men #15

The Big 2 split the Top Ten again.  Marvel takes the top spot with their kick-off for the late-summer Infinity event, but DC takes the following five spots.   There’s been word of comic shops getting subscription cancellations for Infinity.  Will the depth of the story be a detriment to the title in the sales figures?

Avengers got a big boost from the Infinity tie-in.  The main Avengers book hasn’t had a Top 10 appearance since issue 3 way back in January 2013.  Sad that New Avengers hasn’t made an appearance since that same month.  It seems to be the superior title story-wise.

Still no Justice League Dark on the list.  Its installments of the Trinity War crossover are the only ones not to chart.  JLA overtook Batman/Superman this month for the first time.  The Greg Pak/Jae Lee book started strong with a debut in the 2 spot, but has held at 6 for subsequent issues.  Will lack of strong reviews send this down further, or will an upcoming creative team shift bring it back up?

Dan Slott’s Superior Spider-Man is a mainstay on the list.  September brings us the return of Spider-Man 2099.  Any other month, I’d bet good money that would bring the title

would be up past the sixth spot it hasn’t beaten since its debut.  There’s some stiff competition this September.

September is going to be very interesting.  Infinity has a pair of issues out, as well as the kick-offs to Battle of the Atom and DC’s Forever Evil.  All New X-Men always flirts with the Top 10, sometimes making appearances near the end.  Issue 15’s one-off was great, and this book deserves to be a mainstay.  



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