This opinion piece is about the latest Marvel controversy, in which Marvel requested for comic book store owners, wear a Hydra T-shirt and change their logo to a Hydra logo. This has caused a lot of controversy as of late, which is expected. Some saying it’s just harmless fun, whilst others are saying it’s a terrible and tone-deaf move from Marvel.   As a black guy, I feel like I’m supposed to confirm the opinions of those that hate this idea. If you cannot already tell I’m not going to do that. However, I will say this Nazis are bad and Hitler is bad. I really

This is our interview with Jason Inman, co-host of DC All Access, Jawiin, who also works for Screen Junkies, about his comic book Jupiter Jet. How did you get into comics?   It really started out with me buying my first comic book in Walmart which was Batman #466, where Batman was tied to a rocket. After that it was really me reading the Death of Superman, because it really truly introduced me to the world of DC. After that I just read everything, not just DC.     What advice would you give for anyone who wants to start their own comic book?   Jump right into it. The

We have been getting some really great titles this past year, so I wanted to talk about the most surprising, that is the most improved titles or the ones I didn't expect to be as good as it was. This is partially my thoughts with some assisstance, from the marvel and dc reddit. Aquaman   Geoff John’s Aquaman was a run that has gone down in the character’s history. Although the issues after were not bad, but they never were really able to re-create that feeling I had when Geoff John’s wrote. Dan Abnett’s issues on Aquaman the New 52 were alright but was

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